(the fixed up version of); The Journal’s Entries

Dear Journal;


I woke up this morning to find you sitting on the end table of my bed every morning at 6:30. It’s depressing how the morning started, no breakfast, shower, get dressed, makeup, hair, grab the lunch that I made last night and run out the door in time for the bus. Yet I left no time for my mother, she had even made my breakfast, but I was too involved in the morning routine to eat. I

then get out in time to just get onto the bus, always hopping that the guy that I have a crush on is there at the back of the bus, sitting there either listening to music or looking at me. The next thing I look at is my seat to make it not seem so obvious that I’m starring at the most wonderful, handsome, and funny, smart guy that every walked the Earth. But I’m pretty sure that he knows, oops.

I then sit and wait until my friend Susie get’s on and then that’s when things really started to happen. Today when Susie sat with me I almost knew what she was going to ask me. “How was your weekend?” And sure enough that’s exactly what she said. and I replied with the usual, “Mehh pretty good how was your’s?’ I asked trying not to be so “out of it”. “It was good, so have you talked to him yet?” “Who?” I asked trying to avoid the awkward subject, since knowing that he would probably hear it. “Britt, really?” Susie new what I was trying to do, she’s just that best friend who knows you inside and out. “Yeah, no I haven’t I’m afraid that if I go and try to sit with him that he’ll be rude and put his bag there or something.” I was desperately trying to avoid this situation, and I had a feeling Susie knew. “No, he won’t trust me. ” Did I mention Susie is also that friend that wants to see you happy no matter what? “Susie I trust you, can I do it another day?” I try avoiding it, so Susie and I didn’t talk about it anymore.

 We arrive at school and the day starts of to a slow, very slow start. Into walk class with a great hope of desire to have a day without drama.